Sarah's Session Two

2 Pharast

Oleg comes down in the morning – prepares several rashers of bacon
Svetlana makes the rest of the breakfast – very happy with us
she is interested in radishes – Oleg’s favorite recipe is radish soup
radishes only grow during the month of Pharast (eq. of March)
can pay handsomely for these radishes – 250g
extremely rare radishes!
small sackful worth more than a horse
white as the moon – no purple or red at all, almost perfectly spherical (moon radish)

kobolds – Svetlana: “some trouble lately”

Svetlana – near end of meal
horses outside – someone is coming

up to front gates – 4 riders
one in full plate
other three in chainmail
all with swords and crossbows
horses with livery of Restov city guard

Keston Garess (sp?)
He is looking for Falgrim Sneeg
hands over scroll

Also looking for Oleg – problem with bandits?
party assures him that the bandits are no further problem, but indicates that he is inside

Two scrolls to Andros/Kacey
Received orders
for capture/defeat of bandit leaders – 400 gold
asks for proof after we tell him we already took care of 2
show him the corpses – “these are bandits?”
give him the medallions of the Stag Lord
hands badge to one of his men, dispatches him to Restov to tell the Lord Mayor
Keston assigned to outpost for protection while we continue on our mission
will guard prisoner (the bandit) – but bandit has professed his repentance
if allowed his liberties

6 wks ago – 6 in band
Falgrim Sneeg is the 6th
has gone missing
one night on patrol at Fort Serenko, others woke to find they were robbed, Falgrim gone
tracks led here to Oleg’s, but could not chase him (not allowed)
still “not allowed” to chase him b/c of assignment
would appreciate him brought to justice
can offer 4 nice quality swords from personal collection as reward
There is a reward for the kobolds – 800 g

2 signs – Wanted signs
Oleg will pay “handsomely” for the head of a creature called Tatsil Wyrm in the Narlmarches
would like to be able to mount and stuff the head on the wall of the trading post
Native lives nearby – hermit called Veckle Benzen
masterwork longbow + 6 magic arrows for killing a boar called Tusk-Gutter
Supposedly took Veckle’s leg

2 wks worth of rations for 7 men => 98 days of trail rations for one person (from bandits)
everyone takes 2 wks rations

explore hex with Oleg’s TP
no evidence of monsters, etc – just forest entrance, plains, Oleg’s trading posts
[speerspitze => “spearhead” => barony name?]

Night’s camp passes without event

3 Pharast

Kacey has decided to pray at 3 am
Char prays 3x a day
Jon’s mage has morning spell memorization
Darryl has monk stuff to do in the morning
Darryl’s saddle is covered in grease

Darryl continues to hunt for the party

entering combat from the N
find relative clearing with small body of water
in clearing, 4 kobolds
they have black scaley flesh instead of brown-reddish flesh
underbellies are bright yellow
they are laying on the ground with distended bellies, lke they’ve just eaten

Darryl notes the sharp tang of radishes, as though the kobolds have eaten some – but there are still radishes left
warrant for kobolds – from the Camelyns – known as sootscales. appear to be fomenting problems
pacify by treaty or sword

kobolds claim the land for soot-scales, but are willing to talk
“Nac Mac Feegle” kobolds
mites – little blue “thieving bastards”
mites “took their god” – old sharp-tooth (idol/representation)
“nailing it down does not help”
Darryl asks after the ring
kobolds raid humans (‘bigjobs’)
mites got ring (bag with ring, anyway)
Darryl asks if “under penalty of death” to not raid travelers if we return the god to the chief sootscale

god is a rock carved with sharp teeth
turn scales yellow – sharptooth not happy because of mites
Tartuk brought them the god – bright purple

mites are in big old sycamore tree

Darryl fills a bag with radishes
when we have idol, can find kobolds in the cave
only at radishes for the afternoon, bringing some back for chief and Tartuk
Tartuk has a magic bird (talks), black – raven
cave is south from old sycamore, about 12 man-miles
we are off to retrieve a god

no further encounters in this space
find a dead kobold next to two dead mites
mites are about a foot tall, blue, head nearly half their body

mites have a couple of crude stone weapons
black kobold
Chief is Soot-scale

4 Pharast

Kacey notices something glinting in the hillside – golden glint
it proves to be a rocky outcrop – in outcrop is flecks of golden material
some as big as fist-sized
large crack in one of the rocks – man-sized opening into a cave
it is actually gold
Darryl/Feng goes in
it’s cold in the cavern, dark
uninhabited but for standard bugs
roughly 20×30
easy to get in and out of
sizeable veins of gold
Feng and Char attempts to hide the entrance
camp near enough to the gold mine to be able to see if someone goes in with lights, but not near enough that we’re camping at it

5 Pharast

during watches, hear howling snarling noise (wild creature) during all watches (all night) – distant, but present
Feng thinks it’s bloodcougar, but it sounds odd (some nobles kept as pets in Tien)
bright blood-red color but look more like dogs than cats. howl is kind of catlike.
it’s a thylacene (Tasmanian wolf)
vicious hunter, tameable
it does not approach, though

the shape of the hillside where the gold mine is vaguely resembles a sword-like protrusion to the knights (Char and Andros)
this should be the hex with the old sycamore tree – 100 ft tall, massive, possibly centuries old
northern Camelands – hillocks area
tree is visible for miles around
no signs of activity as we approach, but there are more kobold and mite corpses, belongings
30-40 feet in diameter (tree)
despite it being early spring, no sign of budding on the branches of the tree
mites may have killed it
no sign of mites on outside
doesn’t appear to have an entrance at first look
tree is not difficult to climb
tracks converge on a crag caused by 2 roots – conceals opening
opening is only about 3 ft in diameter, tunnel – goes down about 10 feet
after about 20 feet (down 10, levels off about 20), have a 5-foot drop
area it drops into is still not tall
can go left or right – go right
ceilings are now 5 foot
-2 penalty due to being hunched while inside lair
floor looks wet, crossed by shallow trenches of foul-smelling fluid
six mounds of compost/dung, studded with white spheres
one mite, not looking at us, tending to mound
female, not so much tending to pile of manure as is spooning something out of a wooden bowl (feeding something)
Feng grabs a centipede and strangles it instead – centipede is 5 feet long, he kills it

as soon as that happens, echoing hisses starts
two very large centipedes appear, rearing up over the mounds
mite drops her bowl when the centipedes rear up
Andros (Kacey) kills the mite in one blow
Char kills a centipede in one blow as well
Gregor and Johanna fail to kill the centipede, so Feng finishes it off

apart from the eggs (centipede eggs?), no treasure
from here, can go back or there is another hole we can shimmy down
mites are a type of fae, evil by nature and cannot change

room is crowded with items
wagon wheel, etc
row of bookcases stands crookedly propped against the far wall – filled with bits of feathers and stones and stuff
window frames hang like fine art
6 mites in room, 2 playing on broken-up string instruments – trying to play something probably a folk song
2 additional mites throwing rocks at the musicians
the remaining 2 are laying beneath a cloth (bedsheet/curtain), trying to read a book that is noticeably upside down

Feng misses, but Andros kills one of the musicians
Feng kills one as it tries to escape
the other 4 escape the room

we pursue
rows of wooden pegs line walls, some with cloaks
table in middle with checked tablecloth
bloodstained ivory silhouette of what looks like a reptilian demon
also bulging sack
gigantic tick in the middle with mite
4 mites, plus additional mites
mites attack first

[more combat ensues]
Feng knocks out the boss (greebles)
tick (tickleback) – fountain of diseased-smelling blood when it dies
map is relatively accurate map of the tree and the sootscale cave area
also a piece of paper (held down by statue)
paper has 2 columns – one headed with “us”, one with “them”
“us” – “stupid statue” and “lots of spears and coins”
“them” – “magic dust”, “lots of coins”, “shiny ring”
burlap sack – 12 small spears, 193 copper, 120 silver, 32 gold ********** party cash

tunnel at the end of the room
very large chasm – deep and ominous, a few yards wide, filled with thick ropes of roots.
loops tied into the roots to make foot and handholds
chasm is about 12 ft wide, 20 ft deep
huge centipede at the bottom of the chasm (game mechanically huge – 20 ft long)
can just see a couple of mites with sharp sticks pointed out – running like they’re poking something with sticks (like jousting)
Feng feeds the centipede a few mite bodies, it eats them
he crosses, secures rope to other side
Andros crosses, Jo and Gregor almost fall, but party eventually crosses successfully with rope

6 mites are assaulting a young kobold in a cage, kobold is bleeding
Andros challenges group, Feng kills one
Other mites run
young kobold is grateful when released – he’s a sootscale
yk kneels, Andros tells him that he will speak for us, follow on his heels
Andros heals yk too
yk gives Andros a ring – it’s THE ring, the one we were looking for
yk says mites were trying to take it from him, they caught him on the road and took everything
yk says there’s a few dozen
yk is Mikmak of the sootscales, pledges his spear to us (when we give him a spear from the bag)
Mikmak says he came to find their god, but we haaaave it
Feng says we’re trying to make peace
Mikmak says to take the idol to the Chief, not Tartuk
Tartuk said sharptooth turned him purple, after that ppl displeasing sharptooth turned yellow

one more chamber on the way out
has tiny catapult with caltrops in it – small even for mites
some caltrops in wall, were probably firing it at each other

when we exit tree – no sign of additional mites
Char blocks hole with a rocks

Andros ask Mikmak to take us to the chief
Sharptooth does not seem to be magical
Mikmak leads us directly to the caves

“oaktop silver mine” – very old sign outside of cave, written in common
first room – kobold with spear standing watch, at back of room is a crude wooden cage with a single mite in it
kobold barks out a warning, but doesn’t raise spear – looks at Mikmak with puzzlement
kobold drops spear, like “I’ll talk”
Feng tells him that we’ve brought the king
kobold leads us thru winding tunnels to a room with charcoal and blood smeared on the walls in the shape of old sharptooth, has table with candles around it and a spot in the middle (apparently for the idol)
kobold runs past this spot into next room, where chief sootscale is – throne, regalia
king looks slightly panicked, other kobolds look at their chief
Chief promises to leave humans along in exchange for the god
Chief agrees to tell us about bandits as well
Deal is made
Chief gets god, smiles widely, raises god into the air, and breaks it
says “we’re free, curse can’t get us any more, can’t turn yellow and die”
other kobolds leave when king orders them to
Chief thinks the purple kobold is the source of the death
We give him back the spears as well.
Tartuk “not one of us”, showed up 3 mo ago, for a while gave the tribe power and almost took back the tree
then sharptooth became “displeased”, best and smartest warriors started turning yellow and dying
Mage thinks Tartuk is casting Prestidigitation and Ray of Enfeeblement

King’s plan is to get Mikmak to get Tartuk into the cathedral, then we “box up his mojo” and then all jump him
Andros and Gregory want to talk to him first

chief leads us down a hallway, says “at the end turn left”, that’s where Tartuk is
wall of cavern decorated by rickety wooden frame, with banners covering the rest
banners have primitive icons and mystic symbols
cauldron full of red boiling something
icons were drawn by people who had seen holy symbols but didn’t understand them
Tartuk stands over cauldron, raven on his shoulder

Tartuk assumes that we killed the rest, “guides their spiritual development and growth”
Andros tells him about the holy symbols
Tartuk has a different accent
Eventually tells him that old sharptooth is back, Feng says he and the chieftan are talking right now
Tartuk calls the other kobolds “ungrateful bastards” and suddenly knows Andro’s name (cast detect thoughts)
Jo stealths
Tartuk says “you’re as good at this as me”, wants us to work with him to destroy the other kobolds
Tartuk is a gnome, not a kobold – was once a hero
went up against a kobold village on the other side of the tor, companions killed him
reincarnated him as a kobold – hair was purple, companions didn’t have enough money to resurrect him
“I’m not entirely against that – your language does kind of sound like a pot falling down stairs”
Feng punches at Tartuk, a bit tempermental about cracks about the human half being OK
Tartuk has been a kobold for 6 months or so
he killed the tribe that killed him, used statue to get tribe to fight something else and kill themselves off
Tartuk is upset that we killed the mites
Tartuk is not interested in redemption, thinks he’s the hero
Andros asks him if he’s willing to test his faith – he agrees
Tartuk registers as evil to detect evil
Andros offers repentance or “be stopped by me”
Andros says he can leave the Greenbelt and find a new path
Feng suggests he go to Mendev
[diplomacy roll]
Tartuk agrees to go to Mendev, doesn’t seem to be deceptive, doesn’t think he’s winning this conversation
Andros promises one last offer, period, if we hear of a purple kobold

Feng says he should search out Joseph Edenbridge in Mendev for a new start, honor
Tartuk removes cauldron from fire, leaves with bird on shoulder

At far end of cavern, behind drapes – huge pile of stuff
7420 cu, 2132 s, 302 g, masterwork light metal shield, 7 exceptional quality crossbow bolts, pair of extremely nice intracately stamped leather boots, soiled leather bag – in bag, additional 321 s, 249 g, 13 plat, journal, loose page with writing in some language *********** party goods
Journal is written in undercommon, loose page a scroll, indeterminate spell
boots are Boots of Elven Kind (+ to acrobatics) *********** for Jo
bolts are magical, not sure what kind they are
Small pouch – fine, almost invisible dust (clear) => Dust of Illusion (as disguise self when sprinkled, 2 hrs) *********** party goods

Tell chief that the problem is gone and will bother them no more
chief agrees to sign a treaty and everything
chief’s advise – stay out of Narlmarches, it’s haunted by “ghosts and spirits and oogies”, boar, wyrms
Feng suggsts opening up the caverns, to store silver, and to store radishes
chief will bring silver to trading posts, we will give them medicines and goods
chief promises to make radish stew for us, says we’ll love it

Chief Sootscale can read
As long as the terms are the same as what was discussed
Brief treaty written on the page that gave us the quest
chief promises to aid us if we need it and tell us about any bandits/camps – we agree to help

After we claim the sycamore tree hex, we will return to Oleg’s

Camp one more night – will get us back on 6 Pharast
Total of 4 days
Courier has returned with bandit reward
also brought kobold reward
Total of 1200 gold ************ party cash
Svetlana gives us the 250 gold for the radishes ************ party cash
Ring returned to Oleg privately – gives us 1000 gold credit ************ party cash
Oleg runs off to Svetlana

Feng lets Keston, Oleg know about kobolds
additional visitor – balding mustashioed gentleman in priestly robes (Erastil)

abandoned temple, bears (asks the priest)
Erastil gave him a vision that there is an abanadoned temple somewhere near here – really big bear guards it
priest thinks Erastil wants him to cleanse it and redeem himself
priest had worg in his village that attacked and killed villagers. thought it was a werewolf, tried to hunt down its human form and killed an innocent man
priest was not spoken to by Erastil for some time, but was finally granted this vision
Andros promises to bring the news before we investigate if we find such a thing
priest’s name is John Cavin

Sarah's Session Two

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