Sarah's Session Twentytwo

“Basically, everything’s going to have this horrible burning sensation…”

“Is it a… historic… yell?”

“Yeah, Ben Franklin would fit into Knowledge: HIstory. But you’re not being attacked by a 50-foot Ben Franklin.”

Encounter a dragon or forest drake

“That’s Whore Mountain… that’s Whore Mountain… That’s Whore Valley between them… and I think we can all agree that that’s Chlamydia Ridge…”

find an elf corpse savaged by the dragon
clothes shredded
cloak is not
Cloak of Elven Kind (Johanna)
masterwork Darkwood longbow ********************** Party treasury

“Well, it’s made no violent action thus far except killing an elf…”

“I remember. Yog-sothoth is the doorknob.”

“We’ve replaced this halfling’s saddle with a dragon’s head!”

“No, I think we’re going to avoid the bleeding scrotum for the evening.”

“Fuck Yog-sothoth, I want to fling dicks!”

“Johanna’s diseased virtue is intact…”

Sarah's Session Twentytwo

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