Sarah's Session Twentythree

“What are you doing?”
“Making a barrel of trolls?”

“I came to slay trolls and chew bubblegum, and all I have is yogurt pretzels.”

“Nyarlathotep is too much of a dick to worship.” “As opposed to the rest of them?”

“I’m prestidigitating his sword. It now has streamers and a bell.”

amulet of natural armor +2
ring of protection +1
find a bag with:
dusty rose prism ioun stone

“Augh, I’ve been tied up in my own intestines! You guys are dicks!”

“If I spend both my Hero points and all the spells I have left, can I just fill the room with magma and put us all out of our misery?”

“So I can use Burning Gaze to burn out my own retinas, right?”

“Be a better tool! Be a +1 tool!”

we get a map of the kingdom, with fae areas marked to avoid – also attacks marked

“Great. That’s just what we need. Regenerating tentacles.”

chest of 3000g
weapon – +1 darkwood thundering morningstar (given to Char) => large

“Oh, and you have two trolls trapped in a circle we scratched on the ground! Speaking of good help!”

“It’s always medical grade salt with you, isn’t it?”

“She is going to murder me an extra kind of special, isn’t she?”

Sarah's Session Twentythree

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