Sarah's Session Twentyseven

“That song was so bad, it actually crashed iTunes.”

[loot distributed]

“I was going to buy a helm of telepathy for my horse!”

“He must have this! Not for the prosperity of the kingdom, but for the hilarity of the situation…”

“I think an industrious centaur might hire himself out as a rickshaw taxicab…”

“The King’s Arms is the brothel. We like to have all the whores in the King’s Arms.”

we go to Tatzylfurd
Kassandra somethign or the other
comes from far side of Slough
father was a knight that served Drelev
Drelev is working with Lord Armag, tigerlord barbarian lord
they will be here within hours
Amon Trask is the leader of the group that attacks

“We are the hideous buzzsaws of justice here, and they are the soft balsawood of evil.”

“Matt, will you stop fondling the soft balls of evil?”

“You are closest to Golem D, who is slightly on fire and kind of in a world of hurt…”

“Sir, I see a troll fisting a golem… I think I’m going to flee.”

Armag general Trask’s gear
2 +1 shortswords
+1 chainmail
2 gems of fire elementals
potion of cure moderate

“I’d like to smush those together into one big sword…”

“There used to be a nipple up there, and that’s where the city was.”

“Tell your Armag the Thrice-Born…”
“Right. Tell your Armag the Twice-Dead…”

“It would appear our spearhead is made of harder stuff than your spearhead.”

“Don’t cross the streams.”

“Tip to tip, we always come out on top.”

“I AM the barbarian conquerer, and I need to go level up… I’ll be back in a few.”

Drelev bent knee to Armag on the second wave of attack – before they got to the town
Cassandra wants us to rescue her father (under the castle) and her sister (with Drelev)
Numeste family will be loyal to us and will help us secure peace in Fort Drelev after we conquered

she also suggests an ally in Fort Drelev – Satinda Morne
we have to give her a ring – silver ring with a jade stone
put a flower through the ring when we give it to her or she will think it was stolen
proprietor of Drelev’s largest gaming hall and brothel

“Are those the craven barbarians? Is that their clan name?”

“They try to slur over it so it sounds like ‘raven’, but it’s ‘craven’.”

“Are these actually brothels, or do we just send someone ahead to write ‘brothel’ on the building so the King will go there…?”

“Is he voodoo? We have voodoo frog people? I immediately defect!”

Sarah's Session Twentyseven

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