Sarah's Session Twentyone

Loot distribution:
6305 g
67 s
2 c
Per player

we kill the crows

pick up feathers and stuff

“It’s a good thing they have eReaders… I don’t think they make D&D books in large print…”

“They are descending the fuck out of you.”

“Can’t you have a swarm of smart people?”
“That’s called a party.”
“Not THIS party. A party.”

footprints – giant and gnome in size
find a blue, pointy-eared giant

“I am… something of a cunning linguist.”
“Just don’t tell the giant that…”

YOU are not allowed to beat upon the king. Only the king is allowed to beat the king.”

“I don’t speak his language, and I can lie better in his language than he can.”

“It blinded him straight from a great seer to a mediocre one.”

“Okay, the map isn’t big enough to show where our cave is. It’s lke 4 miles away…”

“I make it impenetrable, even to you.”

NOTHING translates into your version of common well…”

“Yes. Yes. As presents. Take these twigs, and we will take your land…”

“He’d be a lovely jacket for a gnome. Orc skin is just like suede…”

Sarah's Session Twentyone

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