Sarah's Session Twentynine

“Oh, it’s not a red curtain, sorry. It’s a reed curtain.”

“I loot the reed curtain. Are there reeds?”

“So there are two exits, the one we’re in front of…”
“That’s an entrance.”

“It’s a one-way reed curtain…”

“I am terrified by this curtain.”

“This. This will be my custard machine.”

we kill the boggard king
several magical objects
potions – 3 cure moderate wounds, 1 sanctuary
armor – +2 hide
morningstar – +1 Icy morningstar
unholy symbol of gogunta
masterwork light wooden shield
wand that radiates poison – 9 charges
wand of cure moderate wounds – 24 charges

“That’s what happens when you get Sarah and Bryan together: hostage gumbo.”

“…I can also use my powers to morph fire into cheese crackers.”

“Plants fucking hate us moveable things.”

the boggard king talked about the Legless Lady
we head for the village

there are Pittaxe warriors here

people not happy with this
Ameckus Stroon – commander of the Pittaxians
Drelev has no honor in the eyes of his people
Armag left with daughters of most of the nobles in town
Stroon came in after Armag left

“Do not confuse the nitroglycerin for the lube…”

“The choice she offers is a female halfling or a dwarf of indeterminate gender…”

“Did you just do Wonder Pets, Kacey?”
“…I have a four year old. Yep.”
YOU don’t have a four year old. How do YOU know Wonder Pets?”

11 giants released into the town at night
36 Pittaxian guard

Drelev always planned to go to war with Speerspitze, but built an escape tunnel to the shores of lake Hooktongue

“Well, if I was where she was, I wouldn’t need you to communicate with her!”

Sarah's Session Twentynine

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