Sarah's Session Twentyfour

small coffer holding 500g
assortment of gems worth 3500 g
very nice longsword of crest of house Varn on the pommel guard – magic (+2 defender)
a wand – magic
a ring – magic
exquisite composite longbow – centaur in origin – magic
bag of holding IV
heavy crossbow – magic

Find pages from a spellbook
find a map (vandalized) of Varnholde
room with a well – hidden niche in the well – 4 potions water breathing

Priest was a cleric named Casper Morgarian
find his journal
find an entry that is dated about 3 days before the incidents
talks about Nomen’s Island – guardian who has killed more than a dozen hero-knights

in the churche
3 scrolls Cure Serious Wounds
3 scrolls Remove Paralysis
1 scroll Restoration
1 scroll Break Enchantment
1 scroll Breath of Life
1 scroll Raise Dead

in back room of the tavern – trove of books
“the untold heritage of the talden armies of exploration” – vordekai, nomen centaur god? (note)
“the centaur isles of central kasmiron”

folding boat
small box with a tiny, simple lock
it is half of a book, torn at the spine – journal of Willis Gundarson – scouted mountains to the south, but after Varnhold pass, journal is missing
rune on outside that appears to be the ancient Ulfan word that’s the ward to keep bad luck away (superstition)

undead cyclops (Vordekai) has dr 15 except against bludgeoning and magic
also immune to cold, electricity, mind-effecting, things that require fort saves

possible that the people were dimension doored from the church

Sarah's Session Twentyfour

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