Sarah's Session Twentyeight

“Anybody else have any input over there, besides nancy over there?”

“I prepare Terrible Remorse.”
“So you prepare to turn it into one of my characters?”

“Wow, Kacey, you’re not as dumb as Yamarino said you were.”

we find undead corpses of Urgathoa

“…you go on?”
“That’s German for I decline my turn, right?”

“I’m not attracted to him, but I can appreciate his cleanliness.”

“It is a true Speerspitzian horse. It says I love you in the night. Give you reacharound.”
A pause ensues.
“Wait. What?”

“But I can see it moving through your veins, and you’re fucked!”

“It will be a week of travel before you get there.”
“We haven’t played in three weeks! I assumed we were travelling the whole time!”

“Yeah, Darryl’s being raped by the man.”

“You slay the male chule.”
“My one point helped!”

we kill chules
there are paintings of chules eating humans on the walls – drawn in blood
bodies in corner have:
masterwork quarterstaff, shod in silver with predatory birds
leather belt – magic
ring – magic
holy symbol made of coral (Gazhra)
mithril broach in shape of a gilded leaf
incomplete leatherbound spellbook in waterproof case

“Oh, you’re that kind of boggard! You’re a buggered boggard.”

“Look, you gave Bryan a hairball.”
“I think my beer just curdled.”

“I don’t want to know where the rest of this conversation is going, so I’m going into the cave.”

“…Can I join a different kingdom?”

“I want him to make me a human-edible sandwich.”
“So you want him to wash his hands first?”

“I can see! I can see! I can see that weapon hitting me in the face!”

Sarah's Session Twentyeight

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