Sarah's Session Twenty

Looting the dead: [added to packhorse]
6 +1 spears
10 +1 swords
4 quivers of +1 flaming arrows (std 20)
20 small +1 chainmail

the population of Varnehold has vanished
no animals, just plants
conjuration, divination, necromancy

all look towards the belltower on the temple of Erastil
all walk towards it
didn’t go in
“nomen” scratched on the door of the church
chamber below the belltower (acolyte’s room) – couple of scrolls laid out, probably magical
3 scrolls of Cure Serious Wounds
3 scrolls of Remove Paralysis
1 scroll of Restoration
1 scroll of Break Enchantment
1 scroll of Breath of Life
1 scroll of Raise Dead

raven over the keep
try to befriend, it flies away
we follow it to the southeast
it leads us to a flock of crows, which assaults

Sarah's Session Twenty

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