Sarah's Session Thirtyone

“X-wings? OK. AT-ATs? OK. Ponies? Totally unbalancing.”

“Don’t tempt me. I would take these Thin Mints with the intention to do good…”
“Dude, if you’re doing evil with Thin Mints…”

“Sir? Why isn’t it dawn, sir? Someone has put us in a burlap bag, sir…”

“It’s really bad when you get the reports that are ALL black. I don’t know what’s going on, but it must be bad!”

“There is one person in this party who might be able to dress up as a woman… and it’s not the [female] rogue.”

rumors of the great black dragon Ilthuliak who lives in the swamp
rumors of invaders from Numeria

“You don’t need keys to operate an AT-AT, you just need it to form Voltron…”

rumors that the barbarians are still around because they’re looking for the magic weapon of Armag the Thrice-Born

“This is a true sandbox moment.”
“I know, but…” [several objections]
“Okay, this is a true litterbox moment…”

“I think we need a talking stick.”
“Can it have a lead weight?”
“Here. Whoever holds my blood pressure pills…”

“That’s how you know we’re getting old. We’re gaming with my blood pressure pills.”

“Well, whiskey dick is a real problem…”

“And this is why we can’t have nice things.”
“There are SO many reasons why we can’t have nice things.”

“Bryan, I’m going to get a bucket, and…”
“Take it to the widow?”

“What’s wrong with you people?”
“Do you want a list? Shall I alphabetize it? Have you MET us?”

“You know what? I don’t think you can handle guards. Let’s get you an ant farm, and maybe next year you can have guards.”

“Sir, a broom elemental has been through here!”

“It’s a disguise! It’s a bucket of guard!”

“They both recently drank from the Everready teat.”

“So the Pittaxian daily news is going to read ‘Weird fetishist pantses castle guard.’”

“I’m thinking a window…”
“Maybe a push?”
“Defenestrate a point – oh, that’s demonstrate a point.”

“It’s kind of like magic Tourette’s.”

“I do not have Prestidigitate today. Would you like to be lit up?”

“If by charge you mean he starts charging, and I just open the door again.”

Pittaxian dude (Amekkan Strood) has:
magical staff
masterwork dagger

Baroness next
then the baron

the mistress is not from Galt, but Daggermark (below Jotunar)

“Why do you have that foul mutt?”
“It’s been perfectly delightful to me.”
“It hasn’t pooped twice.”

“No, she’s just more than willing to believe that the insane king of Speerspitze will hire any monster he can find.”

Sarah's Session Thirtyone

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