Sarah's Session Seventeen

“Cerebroshag? Cerebroshag?? That’s the only kind of X-Men porn that didn’t exist until just now…”

Lake Silverstep
silvery eels
something Very Big that is not an eel but is silvery
it has a snake head
back is quilled like a porcupine
technically qualifies as a dragon

“It would be inconvenient to found your city where there’s a dragon. Or you can settle your city somewhere else…”

“I cast a spell last turn. NOT that you asked!”

“Why is he in our swamp?” “Because he’s in HIS land??”

“Look! Its tail is made of cardboard!”

“Your horse is blind? One of the true characters has been injured! MEDIC!”

find large clear blue gemstone – magical – elemental gem of water (summons water elemental, one time use)

“Three points of damage.”
“Is there some sort of curse?”
“Yes, you take 3 points of damage.”

we get jumped by gargoyles – a wing of them, might be convinced to ally but it’s hard to maintain

“Go to the bathroom, you grubby little monster!”

“If they were evil outsiders, I’d be dirtying them up.”
“Dude, if they were evil outsiders, I’D be dirtying them up.”

Cache of gold and gems
3000 gold, 1200 gold in gems ************************* Party treasure

We find a nest of Tatzylwurms

We send some kobolds to visit Jotunar

we meet the hermit and puma while exploring
we meet Bokken’s crazy brother, who believe Bokken tries to make him kill people
he’s got some Transmutation items on him

he attacks and we beat him up and befriend the puma
explore hollow tree

find 2 potions
a pouch with 164 silver
tarnished silver locket with a faded portrait of a young woman

we go to visit the witch again
she doesn’t know the hermit other than that he’s crazy
tells us to be careful out on the island
elven ruins – haunted, mad buggers
if we take care of the elven ruins, she’ll make us something
she can craft magic arms and armor and wonderous items – and constructs

hermit is not actually demonically possessed or magically compelled – he’s just insane
thinks if he has fresh blood on his hands, he can’t hear the voices at all

Sarah's Session Seventeen

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