Sarah's Session One

24 Calistril

Three other groups. One splits off quickly, the other two go with us to Oleg’s Trading Post and then go off “on other missions”.

30 Calistril

Arrive at Oleg’s. Open gate, middle-age man working on stable roof. Pretty MA woman doing maintenance in courtyard. Other groups continue on caravan.

lady is Svetlana. man is Oleg. Rooms are 5s, stable for horses are 2s. Dinner is stew. wakeup an hour before sunrise, breakfast and then go

Pharast gives 5g, for himself and others who cannot pay.

Svetlana wants to know if we are to take care of the bandits. Bandits will arrive in the morning – always come on the first of the month. Spent last 6 mo rebuilding fort, but know nothing of catapults. stable only got roof last month.

sent 6 mo ago from Restov to restore fort and create trading post.
3 mo ago, 12 bandits came out of narrow marches. led by 2-ax woman. almost chopped off hand, said Restov had exceeded its reach and she meant to shorten it.

2 mo ago, only had 8

last month, only had 6

Always on the 1st.

2 hrs after sunrise. Do not seem to come from far away, always in a hurry to leave.

half-orc monk thinks we should leave one alive to find their homeland.

Svetlana won’t take gold – not if we’ll take care of bandits. Kasey wont’ take it back because it’s been given.

Knight (Char) says they should stay far from the doors. Cleans armor, says required prayers, etc.

1 Pharast

Bandits led by a hooded man with a bow. 6 of them.
Pharast yells “fire the catapults” and hostilities begin.
no females in the group

2 bandits get away. One is kept as prisoner – this is the leader. The rest are dead.
Char does not like it when you kill prisoners.
Leader is thrown into the middens as a kind of prison.

Svetlana is grateful, Oleg is not scowling (happy?)
Char is very concerned with the horses – “ok to kill prisoner if they didnt’ come back for their horses”
6 horses – 350 gold for 4 from Oleg, the rest kept for Feng and Gregor
remainder of stay is free

Bandits took Svetlana’s wedding ring.
leader immediately goes for weapons – has none
Woman with 2 weapons has the ring, per leader dude
base of ops in the woods – by the thorn river. 6 other men and lady leader (Kressil?)
South about 30 miles – a matter of hours on horseback

Leader will lead us to camp and will be given a head start to get away during the slaughter
He seems to be genuine in being sorry. He also seems to be evil.

ride – south for several hours. not long to get to the woods (4 mi)
leader dude – silver broach, skull with hammers
leader chick is Kressel

leader dude calls Kressel “sweetie”
Two bandits vanished in the resulting combat
One surrenders

2 masterwork handaxes
4 daggers
85 gold
potion (Cure Light Wounds)

Other bandits (2):
10 gold each
20 arrows
short sword

I am keeping 4 daggers and 20 gold

No ring found.

Other leader:
leather armor
composite longbow
alchemist’s fire x2

6 silver amulets (value of approx. 10g each)

Bandit doesn’t know where he’d run. Maybe to Middon (?)
No other fallback camp
Suggest he goes to Mendev – Feng, Pharast
He wants to come work with us. We agree to let him go with us

Under platform:
couple of crates:
Jingling chest – gold and silver, wooden jewel box, silver earrings, 3 crates furs (50g ea), nicely polished wood case with 8 bottles of green liquid (wine bottle sized)
food chest

Amulet is the Staglord
He is worshipped by the local bandits
Monsterous god of some sort
Kressel had them worship him

Ask bandit about the ring
Oleg and Svetlana, he refers to as simps
Problem at first encounter:
Ambushed by kobolds, who took saddle bags
Kobolds come from “the darkness”
Didn’t try real hard to get them back – got “10g and some cheap jewelry”

Old sycamore tree NE of the camp
Kobolds hang out there
Tomorrow we will go there, tonight we rest at Oleg’s

Oleg is surprised by the additional bandit
Oleg has a small box, seems puzzled by the bandit swap
Asks how things went – “all right, not have problems with these bandits again”
Gives us box when told we found the camp:
50g and 3 potions in dirty vials (muddy)
“If Bokken is trustworthy potion maker – 2 potions for curing wounds and one shield of faith”
told Oleg that the bandit will help us find the kobolds with the ring

Potions are distributed to the melee fighters

Oleg has 150g that can be used to buy items, gives us 2/3 price – will not take Staglord amulets
- Sold 3 crates of furs for 100g
- Sold regular bows

Bokken will make more potions for fangberries – like raspberries

Sarah's Session One

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