Sarah's Session Nineteen

we go into the owlbear den

kill owlbears
find dead human
he has a map with Ausgleich and the owlbear den clearly marked
+2 chain shirt (halfling)
+2 longsword
ring of bestial friendship, partner to collar – single woven strand of green hair on it => ring of animal friendship + charm monster
it is cursed – beast that goes out of range of ring is affected by curse of Rage, instills hatred of wearer of ring
also makes it loathe civilization
2 masterwork throwing axes
2 potions of speak with animals
jar of restorative ointment
vial of antitoxin
2 smokesticks
tanglefoot bag
2 thunderstones
34 g

elsewhere in nest
112 g
infant owlbear (female)
troll corpses – studded leather armor, arrows, longbows, longswords

questioning the human corpse
told to do the owlbear thing by Nyrissa
she works with the trolls
he didn’t know about the traps

information relevant to Nyrissa
known to be the lover of a being known as Count Ranalc
she’s fae
does not live on Golarian
resident of a world known as the First World – believed to be created before Golarion, ruled by 9 powerful demigods
no single true ruler – most powerful is Count Ranalc
he was exiled to the plain of shadow & nobody knows why

Nyrissa is looking for the one weapon that can kill her
we’re supposed to find the briar

Nyrissa is just a fae lord, but she thinks of herself as the youngest of the eldest
she is not appreciated by the other eldest

Drelev has taken a new mistress, that his wife doesn’t like

Sarah's Session Nineteen

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