Sarah's Session Fifteen

we find a warehouse in Tatzylfurd

tiger’s eye chrysoberyl – goddess gyrona watches the world through such
Gyrona – hag goddess, attracts spurned wives/lovers

6 cultists ********************* party treasury
each had 5g
small bronze holy symbol of Gyrona

we kill all but 2 cultists and one of the 2 doppelgangers
we question them
first cultist says it’s the midwife Niska’s fault – she started the cult
midwife = one with the headdress
started 6 weeks ago
women were taking revenge on boyfriends and husbands
kidnapped the woman to increase their power

Malgorzata Nizka => doppelganger midwife
Nesrun thought our alliance with Varne was a threat to instability
Nesrun is a doppelganger
she only had 8 sisters, was hoping for 100 by end of year
Nesrun was the now dead Feng imitator
lived in Tatsylfurd since a month after it was founded
she is sentanced to be held prisoner and killed when it’s all resolved

between the 2 doppelgangers ********************** Party treasury
+1 breastplate
+1 heavy steel shield (Char)
curious green ring exactly like the one we found on the Stag Lord
- Ring is one continuous strand of hair, braided. cannot be destroyed.

Varne wants to give us stuff. We get 8k gold each.

Sarah's Session Fifteen

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