Sarah's Session Eighteen

“Now two people in the party won’t touch that because it’s… sticky.”

“The king slowly becomes a kleptomaniac as he walks through Ausglech…” “Uh, Your Majesty…?” “Exactly! YOUR Majesty!”

“Okay… are we ready to go to…” “Are we EVER ready? Have we ever BEEN ready?”

we go to the elven ruins, interrupted by tree

“So the tree hasn’t been overly aggressive yet, right?”

“So you’re Ghost Rider?” “Yeah, but with a better complexion.”

3 pieces of amber worth 100g each ***************** Party treasury
folded-up bundle of cloth (magic) – robe of bones (2400g)
simple silver ring (not magic)

“…27 points of damage.” “Did you sunder the halfling? Are there two now?”

“You’re not going to try and acrobat the door open!”

“Climbing up the wall… die roll …I pulled a Yammy. I rolled a six…”

“22 with the goose…”

“What are we doing with the horses?” “Oh, they climbed the wall too…”

“It’s blue glowy Obi-Wan elf. It’s Obi-Wan Elf-nobi.”

“I don’t cast spells. I drink them.”

“The next time I see a blur, I’m going to… to… elemental clothesline it.”

“To get the same protection against poison, you’d have to eat 15 bowls of corn flakes…”

“I slow it down! No, that’s not what I meant. Okay, I don’t slow it down.”

“Bwah! Wait! CR 134! CR 134! I didn’t think I’d ever use this!”

“Get me a very small noose.”

“Oh, good, he’s wearing a cravat. That makes me feel better about killing him.”

“I could be useful!” “Yes, I could use a very small sheath.”

talks about the dancing lady – spirit that lures travelers to their death at the ruins

“Sounds like somebody’s slapping a steak up against the side of a building…”

it is Rigg Gargadilly

“I bet he does a wicked jig.” “Jig? I do a gavotte!”

“THAT’s what dungeons are. They’re just apartment buildings for monsters!”

to center tower where dancing lady is
crystal from trap – cloudkill-ish (insanity mist on a gas trap)

“She may be six feet tall, but you’re going to pole vault to get there.”

“I’m going to answer Yam’s question before I start with the special effects budget…”

Dancing Lady’s treasure ************************* Party treasury
life-size alabaster statue of a nude elven woman (900g)
a masterwork harp
a small carved jade statuette of a coiling snake (75g)
ancient filigreed elven water clock (1000g)
snow-white bearskin coverlet (50g)
2 royal outfits (200g each)
3 courtier outfits (mixed male/female)
small wooden coffer – 3 vials of perfume (100g each) (Gabriel keeps one)
gem-studded tiara (350g)
potion – elixir of love

“I hate you damn cake-icers.”

“We can put the diplomat in the tower, lock the doors, and make him let down his hair…”

we go bother the plant dude

“I think all the evil monsters we fight need some sort of legal council… because this just isn’t fair.”

in locked chest ************************** Party Treasure
fine velvet cloak (10g)
Gold necklace (100g)
silver and emerald ring (300g)
bejeweled masterwork shortsword (510g)
moonstone (50g)

“…You do write in 6 point font.”

“I need to be a respectable monarch! I need to go home and take a bath! I virtually almost died!”

as we get back to Ausgleich
fields are shredded, orchards are knocked down, livestock has died, some of hte houses are demolished
over the city is a pall of smoke and dust
hole in city walls
3 blocks with significant damage
town was attacked by a horrible monster of incredible size
it was a huge owlbear – bigger than Beaky
it charged into town, got into the town, city guard responded, it stopped after a bit and stormed out
exotic craftsman noticed that the owlbear was wearing a collar/harness that he thought was exquisite – mastercraft
we can follow it across the river into Jotunheim

Sarah's Session Eighteen

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