Thorn River Bandits

The Thorn River Bandits are an offshoot of the Stag Lord’s nascent Bandit Kingdom. Keeping a camp on the shores of the Thorn River, a few miles south of Oleg’s Trading Post, these bandits were able to effectively patrol and engage most travelers on the edges of the Greenbelt.

On Calistril 30th, the party fought both an expeditionary force of these bandits that attacked the Trading Post directly, and then the larger group of bandits in their own camp. The brazen daylight assault on the bandits weakened them greatly, killing both their known leaders, Happs and Kressle, but also 6 of their rank-and-file. It is known for sure that 4 got away, and one other has agreed to aid the party in exchange for mercy and a chance to redeem himself.

It is unclear how many additional Thorn River Bandits there are, and how many of the four escapees will rejoin the Stag Lord’s forces.

All of the Thorn River Bandits wear green and brown leather cloaks, clasped with a Stag Lord Pin.

Thorn River Bandits

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