The kobold tribe known as the Sootscales is known and distinguised by their coal-black scales and soft ochre underbelly. Led by Chief Sootscale, this tribe currently makes its home in an abandoned silver mine in the kamelands, although they have their eye on reclaiming the Old Sycamore and the tunnels beneath it.

The Sootscales most recently had problems with a wandering shaman, Tartuk. This purple hued kobold came from the south with tales, and an idol, of a new god. This god promised to make the Sootscales mighty and for time they prospered. Then Old Sharptooth became angry, and kobolds began to wither and die, their ebony scales become sour yellow. Fearing the wrath of their new god, and being rather vain, they declared war on the local mite population, whose actions had inspired Sharptooth’s wrath.

Soon afterwards, while most of the kobolds were on patrol, the mites invaded the mine, and though Tartuk killed many, Old Sharptooth was stolen. Now raiding parties were sent daily to the Old Sycamore where the mites lived, and casualties were heavy.

The war with the mites was going poorly when the party intervened. They formed a tenuous alliance with the kobolds, which resulted in them both rescuing Mikmek and retrieving the stolen idol.

Upon returning the idol to Chief Sootscale, he promptly broke the idol, declaring his tribe to free of the curse. The Sootscales agreed to remove Tartuk from power, and Andros Gherig negotiated Tartuk’s exile.

As of 6 Pharast, the Sootscales have signed a peace accord and trade agreement. They will work the mines they live in and rebuild their home, and the party will offer to protect the Sootscales form further mite incursions. The Sootscales can freely trade with Oleg’s Trading Post, and agree to watch for bandit activity.


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