Session Two - The Turning of the Leaf

Pharast 2 -

It was not until the breaking of the dawn that I realized my sword was as dull as a leaden rod, and I spent all of my early hours bringing it back to the razors edge it usually maintains. I found a kind of peace in the simple grinding of stone on metal. Where before this was a chore, often tasked to a servant or squire, I found a harmony with my blade as I brought it’s edge back from the same dark place I found myself in this morning. We both have been renewed, reinvigorated, and blessed. And like a blessing, where we were once wandering aimlessly in this new wilderness, a forest of tests were presented to us in the form of a soldier, Kesten Garess. He brought us news of bandits, kobolds, and lost men. Iomedae had spoken through the voice of this man.


Pharast 3 -

I had my concerns about Feng Tseng Lao when we first started this journey. He mainly kept to himself and seemed preoccupied with his own thoughts, but these two days in the wilds have proven him differently to me. He has been touched by gods, but not without a sense of mockery, but despite his form, his heart is pure. He has endangered himself to provide food for the whole of us, and today, his cruel form was a blessing. Speaking with beasts is a tricky prospect, but this one is blessed with an approachable guise and a sharp mind. What could have been slaughter of man and bedeviled beast turned into a peaceful accord.

Tomorrow we shall seek out some mischievous creatures known as mites, and learn if it is possible to keep a pact with a kobold.


Pharast 4 -

This morning, just before the dawn while I sat watch over the sleeping, I heard a vicious howling in the dark. The beast never approached our camp, but it was a mournful, yelping cry. This land is filled with hatred and sorrow. I see my path before me, in taming this land and breaking it’s evil spirit. Iomedae cast blades upon the mountains as a sign to me that my path was laid out on the horizon. For mine and for all men, this land will be cleansed.


Pharast 5 -

Today was a day of battle, victory, and justice! Plunging into a den of horrors, head first, we brought purity and light to a dark cavern of evil. Iomedae drove our swords into the hearts and skulls of those repugnant mites. Their blood and bones not only lay rotting in buried lair, but were also our weapon against the innocuous, natural denizens of this land. Not only did we rid the land of this blue plague, but we also found the treasure of the kobolds to keep our accord, and manged to save one of theirs from a cruel and tortuous death at the hands of those azure devils.

And in return for this service, Iomedae also blessed our day by bestowing repentance upon an entire clan of kobolds. What once was unheard of is now a part of this land’s history. Mikmek, his chieftan Sootscale, and the whole of the clan will forever be remembered as the first true residents of Speerspitze, the spearhead into the savage lands. She also led us to a traitorous soul in need of guidance and compassion. Tartuk, a once proud, gnomish adventurer, has turned to insidious methods to deal with his own misfortune. We sentenced him to judgement in the Worldwound.

I truly believe that Iomedae has restored her blessing to me in giving me the strength and will to succeed this day. Not only did she guide my hand in battle, and grace my words with compassion, but she also empowered me to make incredible feats of strength and athleticism. She sent me loftily over a vast crevasse, where none but the monk could pass, unaided. Iomedae watches over me, and I believe she is preparing me for something greater than I am. My world unfolds before me and as I move forward, I leave behind the darkness and head into the light.


Pharast 6 -

Today was another day of mapping out the savage lands. Iomadae save me from the monotony of it. I thank you each day that you sent Char to me, who appears to revel in the drudgery of detailing the lay of the land and it’s fine details. I’ve not the mind for it. I was relieved to return to the trading post, this evening, to eat a hot meal and sleep in a bed.

It was also genuinely gratifying to see that Garess’s man had returned with the rewards due for both the bandits and the kobolds. His faith in us is bolstering to the will. At dinner, were alerted to another man arrived at the trading post in need of our assistance. My heart goes out to him, as he is a priest who has been abandoned by his god. If Erastil has the compassion of Imoedae, I will see to it that this man is once again in his god’s favor.

Iomedae has shown me compassion and repentance so that I would know the same for others.


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Session Two - The Turning of the Leaf

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