Party Treasury

Current Party Funds:

Platinum 0
Gold 0
Silver 0
Copper 0

Gear, Potions, and Magic Items

Type Quantity Charges Description
Potion 2 Alchemist’s Fire
Potion 8 Nicely polished wood case with 8 bottles of green liquid (wine bottle sized)
Potion 1 Potion of Shield of Faith in a muddy/dirty vial
Potion 1 Potion of Expeditious Retreat
Weapon 7 +1 Flaming crossbow bolts
Weapon 1 4 Wand of Burning Hands
Weapon 1 Masterwork cold iron longsword
Scroll 1 ? loose page with writing in some language – scroll with indeterminate spell
Magic 1 ? small pouch containing Dust of Illusion (as disguise self when sprinkled, 2 hrs)
Magic 1 Spellbook containing Mage Armor, Reduce Person, Unseen Servant, and Silent Image
Misc 1 Food chest
Misc 1 Tartuk’s journal, written in Undercommon
Maps 1 Piece of parchment with a crude drawing of claw-shaped tree with x scrawled in blood at the base of the tree
Maps 1 Watertight scroll tube containing a map detailing the hexes in the nw corner of the map
Treasure 1 Jade carving of a nude female elven monk worth 85g, nonmagical

Defeated Foes’ Goods

Item Description Worth
Stag Lord’s helmet Aura of Divination. When worn, greatly enhances eyesight and hearing (+2 competence to Perception). 1/day may be called upon to enhance ranged attack w/in 30 ft: target is flat footed, sneak attacks apply. Worshipper of Erastil can do this 3/day. Not in and of itself evil – goddess of Erastil is good. over 1500 gold
silver Stag Lord amulet amulet worn by followers of the Stag Lord 10g
3 leather masks made by same person as maker of Stag Lord’s mask

Spells from defeating the dude on the Centaur’s island:
spellbooks from last week:
fire shield
aid arrow
mirror image
scorching ray
burning hands
mage armor
magic missile
dominate person
waves of fatigue
bestow curse
dimension door
phantasmal killer
dispel magic
vampiric touch
detect thoughts
false life
ghoul touch
resist energy
charm person
chill touch
comprehend languages
mage armor
ray of enfeeblement

Party Treasure Acquisition Log

Party Treasury

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