Fangberries are a rare berry from a fruiting vine that grows mainly in the Narlmarches of the Greenbelt. They are known to have magical properties, most notably, as an ingredient in Potions of Cure Light Wounds, among others.

While not all potions of Cure Light Wounds require fangberries, the recipe that Bokken knows does require them, and he cannot create the potions, or several other varieties of potion, without them. It is worth noting that Bokken’s particular recipe is widely regarded as the best tasting Potion of Cure Light Wounds for hundreds of miles, and he credits the berries for this.

Bokken keeps a standing order with Oleg’s Trading Post for fresh fangberries, and in exchange keeps the post supplied with potions. Those who deliver the berries will receive a 25% discount one potions for a month, although Bokken is quick to point out he can only brew so many in a month.

Were I a crueler woman, I’d suggest renaming them Fengberries. But somehow, I don’t think he’d think it was as funny as I do. -Johanna Maritheris, personal notes


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