Kingmaker, Speerspitze

Session Three

Into the Woods

7 Pharast.

Now prepared for their exploration, feeling confident in their efforts to safeguard the Trading post and pacify the two greatest threats to their safety in the Narlmarches, the group headed out to map.

Char Von Barron took the lead, and determined where they should head in order to make the map complete. They headed directly into the Northen end of the Narlmaches, finding the Thorn River again, this time heading east to find its source. During their travels, Fengfound himself the victim of a cruel prank – he was depantsed. He recovered well, though not happily, and continued to search the brambles for Fangberries.

8 Pharast.

They awoke to a few more pranks from what they believed to be fey. Little progress was made locating Fangberries, but they expanded their map of the Narlmarches. Upin examination of a small pit trap, they found a woodsman, possibly a hunter or trapper, probably not a bandit, dead at the hands of a trap. The trap appeared to have been sabotaged – they think the fey may have been responsible. Andros demands Justice.

9 Pharast.

More exploration. They found no Fangberries, but did find half a dozen bear traps, set and left out. One had a dead raccoon in it, and had obviously not been checked in weeks. The party was notably upset about the irresponsibility of the trappers, and again by the incessant trickeries of the fey. No attempts to ferret them out had been successful, including bribery with money and milk. It is unclear, but suspected that the irresponsible trapper may have been the corpse they located the previous day. They returned to Oleg’s to properly inter the body, and have it identified – Breeg Olivanch, a trapper known to be one of the more reckless.

Kesten confirmed that he believed the fey responsible, but admitted that they fell outside the law. It was their forest to protect. He suggested they try bribery, which sometimes worked.

10 Pharast.

Char laid out a meal for the fey, Vodka and sweets. After praising the quality of their pranks, a Grig woman named Tyg appeared before them, accepting the offering of friendship. Soon Perlivash appeared as well, and the duo explained that they were trying to frighten away those who were reckless with the Narlmarches bounty, and that they would stop playing with the party. Andras had mercy upon them, and they agreed to help watch for bandits, although their prowess at telling one big-folk from another was limited.

11 Pharast.

Further exploration of the northern narlmarches revealed more trackless woods. That night, however, was not quiet. A massive bear came upon the camp, and nearly killed Feng in one blow. A fierce and prolonged battle ensued, Andros calling upon Iomedae for healing magics many times as the bear shrugged off their many attacks. When it ended, only the healing magic of Andros prevented a return to Oleg’s to bury another.

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